Making the right food choices is critical to finding optimal health. So much of what is offered at restaurants and even grocery stores has little to no nutritional value, and this is what we are using to feed our bodies. Our nutritional status has changed so drastically the past 100 years and with it, we have seen a dramatic rise in chronic health conditions. Nutrition is the foundation to the health body and we want every one to understand what their body needs to feel the best.

Recent Articles for Nutrition

  • gluten-free

    The Advantages of Gluten Free

    For people who can’t properly process gluten, a lot of irritating and uncomfortable symptoms and pop up. But many people who have gluten problems don’t even realize gluten is the issue. Dr. Windley talks about the advantages of going gluten free and its positive effects on health; and Lesley Kendall, Registered Dietitian at Schneck, also […]

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  • approach

    A Different Approach to Medicine

    Dr. Steven Windley pulls patients from a huge distance radiance, and for good reason.   His approach to medicine focuses on the whole body. Rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Windley teaches patients how to maintain healthy lifestyles that give the body everything it wants. When you see Dr. Windley, you know you’re not just […]

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  • organic-farm

    Do You Eat Organic?

    Organic vs. Conventional Organic and conventional are agricultural terms describing how farmers grow and process food products.  Organic farmers avoid unnatural pesticides, hormones, and fertilizers that are used in conventional farming.  Wherever a conventional farmer would incorporate unnaturally derived chemicals in their growing techniques, an organic farmer would utilize a natural alternative.  For meat, organic […]

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