Heavy metal toxicity is not necessarily a pleasant subject, but has long been an interest for me. I believe that given the level of toxicity seen in our environment, heavy metal burden will play an increasingly larger role in our health. Studies from the Environmental Working Group show that we may all need to do some degree of detoxification. Heavy metals come from a variety of sources, and the levels of metals seen is evident in the testing that is done. Schneck Integrative Medical Center is one of the participating sites for the National Institute of Health’s Chelation trial. It is a complicated topic, but for some patients, detoxification has been fundamental in re-establishing their health.

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    A Different Approach to Medicine

    Dr. Steven Windley pulls patients from a huge distance radiance, and for good reason.   His approach to medicine focuses on the whole body. Rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Windley teaches patients how to maintain healthy lifestyles that give the body everything it wants. When you see Dr. Windley, you know you’re not just […]

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  • detoxfood

    Detox Foods

    Amongst the flood of trending detox regimens, food-based detox programs prevail as the most widely accepted and safest methods of cleansing the body.  When trying out a new “detox diet,” patients should be aware of the best foods for eliminating all those unwanted toxins as well as what to avoid. For the best detox results, […]

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