Integrative healing at Schneck Medical Center

The Integrative Medicine Center at Schneck Medical Center incorporates healing techniques used long before modern medical schools and highly specialized physicians. For better health people previously relied on herbs, acupuncture, diet supplements, massage, and the healing power of the mind.

Today there’s a new interest in this natural, holistic approach.

Blending scientifically proven alternative practices with the best of conventional medicine, Schneck Integrative Medicine views health as much more than the absence of disease. Focusing on preventive care, it defines health as the cohesive balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Meet Dr. Windley


I attended the Indiana University School of Medicine after graduating from Vanderbilt University magna cum laude. Since the very first day of medical school, I wanted to shape my training and future in medicine around the blending of conventional and nonconventional therapies. Although alternative medicine was becoming mainstream, traditional medicine was not and is still not quite ready to fully embrace alternative treatments and ideas.

It was not easy presenting treatments like milk thistle for the liver, CoQ10 for heart disease, and Vitamin C for cancer to a staff entrenched in the world of conventional medicine.  But these were the topics for which I was most passionate. I dreamed of having an office that patients would seek out to improve their symptoms and overall health through better nutrition, exercise, and targeted supplements. Schneck Medical Center has helped make this a reality for me, and each day I get to practice integrative medicine as I had hoped to for so many years.