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We define health as much more than the absence of disease

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Blending scientifically proven alternative practices with the best of conventional medicine, Schneck Integrative Medicine defines health as much more than the absence of disease. Focusing on preventive care, we views health as the cohesive balance of mind, body, and spirit.

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Schneck’s Integrative Medicine Center strives to provide a truly holistic view of the body to help move the patient toward optimal health. Our clinic focus includes emphasis on nutritional counseling and development of an exercise fitness program.

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Optimal health is achieved through a balance of nutrition, gastrointestinal health, hormone balance, detoxification, harmonizing the immune system, and calming inflammation. We help patients approach health with a proactive and holistic attitude. Start your journey today.

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Latest Articles

  • gluten-free

    The Advantages of Gluten Free

    For people who can’t properly process gluten, a lot of irritating and uncomfortable symptoms and pop up. But many people who have gluten problems don’t even realize gluten is the issue. Dr. Windley talks about the advantages of going gluten free and its positive effects on health; and Lesley Kendall, Registered Dietitian at Schneck, also […]

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  • approach

    A Different Approach to Medicine

    Dr. Steven Windley pulls patients from a huge distance radiance, and for good reason.   His approach to medicine focuses on the whole body. Rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Windley teaches patients how to maintain healthy lifestyles that give the body everything it wants. When you see Dr. Windley, you know you’re not just […]

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  • ChronicPainArticle

    How to Deal with Chronic Pain the Natural Way

    Regular or frequent pain can be a frustrating and sometimes debilitating obstacle. Part of the dilemma with chronic pain is that it can originate from many sources. Whatever the condition, many natural remedies exist to help alleviate everyday aches. 1. Relax. Stress is one of the most common and widespread aggressors of pain, and it […]

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  • fatigue

    How to Boost Energy Naturally

    Fatigue can be both chronic and recurrent and can result from a number of sources, both minor and serious.  For many people, frequent or occasional energy loss is a frustrating hindrance to life.  There are, however, several herbal supplements, foods, and natural methods that can help regulate your energy patterns. Try some of these out: Ginseng – […]

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  • running

    Benefits of Exercise

    When our bodies start to feel more exhausted or out of shape, nothing improves the quality of our days more effectively than strenuous activity.  Immediately after initiating exercise the body undergoes changes, and with any form of exercise there is an inherent physical and even mental benefit.  Other than weight and blood pressure control, exercise […]

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  • organic-farm

    Do You Eat Organic?

    Organic vs. Conventional Organic and conventional are agricultural terms describing how farmers grow and process food products.  Organic farmers avoid unnatural pesticides, hormones, and fertilizers that are used in conventional farming.  Wherever a conventional farmer would incorporate unnaturally derived chemicals in their growing techniques, an organic farmer would utilize a natural alternative.  For meat, organic […]

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  • Woman Drinking Water from a Glass

    Tips for Better Digestion

    The benefits of a healthy digestive system are limitless to the body.  What and how we eat helps determine everything from our physique to overall well-being.  For this reason, improving digestion is the next best step after proper nutrition to maximize what our bodies get out of the food we eat. Here are eight tips to […]

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  • detoxfood

    Detox Foods

    Amongst the flood of trending detox regimens, food-based detox programs prevail as the most widely accepted and safest methods of cleansing the body.  When trying out a new “detox diet,” patients should be aware of the best foods for eliminating all those unwanted toxins as well as what to avoid. For the best detox results, […]

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